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Guide to Multifunction Options

Do you need additional functions including scan, fax, print and network?

Most new digital A4 desktop photocopiers now have a degree of multifunction built in. Features like print and scan options are now standard on most machines at no extra cost and can provide great value for money whilst saving space at the same time. Other features like faxing and networking can be available through extra cards added to your basic machine, or may come as standard on more expensive models. Again some of the high-end black and white desktop machines can be excellent work horses that can provide reliability and flexibility with economy and space saving.

Because A4 A3 copiers tend to be higher volume machines (2000 pages a month plus) designed for demanding environments there is usually a greater range machines that can be tailored to your specific needs. But even a lot of these machines are now coming with a lot of standard extras like basic printing, scanning and electronic collate. However if you really only want a basic copier it may be worth checking to see if there is a basic cheaper model available even if it is from another manufacturer.

Points to consider with additional functions

1. Most new A4 desktop machines have additional functions as standard.

2. A3 A4 machines have a greater range so a cheaper basic photocopier should be possible to find in this category if you require.

3. Most A3 A4 copiers that are able to print can provide some of the cheapest page costs on the market; so if you do have it as a standard option, use it, as it will save you money, especially if you do a lot of printing. Again the rule of thumb is the faster the machine the lower the page costs.

4. Other functions that may be useful are network scanning and faxing, especially in large workspace environments or big offices.

5. If you only have one machine for all your needs, then you may loose everything in one go if it breaks down.


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