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Photocopier and Printer Guide

A buyers and users guide to help with the selection and costing of photocopiers and printers.

When you need to buy or upgrade a photocopier, you may find that wading your way through all the facts and figures a little confusing. So to help you decide on the copier that best fits your needs we have compiled some concise pages that include questions, considerations and points that you will need to know about when looking for a new photocopier. This guide will help you choose the best machine and support arrangements for your needs.

These guides are primarily aimed at cost conscious small to medium users, and explain the type of machines available along with their relative running costs, purchasing arrangements and service options. However these facts may not apply to larger user environments, as large organisations will usually have a bulk purchase and service agreement for better pricing and ease of management.

*Please note: the information supplied is only intended as a general guide.

Parts of this guide may also be applied to laser printers, as they share the same technology and costing to produce a printed page.

As there is quite a lot of information we have broken it down into smaller sections to make things a little easier.

  • Black and white or colour. Covers categories, relative cost of a printed page, relative running costs, maintenance aspects and points to consider when choosing between the two.

  • Multifunction options. Covers fax, print, scan and network functions available on most modern copiers. Points to consider when choosing these funtions.

  • Monthly page volumes. Why you need to know how many pages you will be producing, when selecting the right copier or printer.

  • Maintenance and service contracts. How they work, points, questions and considerations that may apply to your photocopier or printer.
  • Peripherals guide. Covers an explanation of finishers, document feeders, duplex units ect. Also gives some points and considerations that may be useful when deciding what you need.
  • Leasing vs out-right purchase. A breif out-line for your equipment purchasing options.
  • GDI, PCL & Postscript explained. What they mean and how they work for your photocopier or printer.


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