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We can supply drums and maintenance kits for Canon Olivetti Kyocera Sharp and Utax photocopiers

Cheaper generic drums are available; please phone or email for prices

Delivery is added when ordering and includes insurance.

Manufacturers prefix letters.

Canon: NP or IR .Olivetti: C or D. Kyocera: Mita KM or Vi.   Utax: CD



Original and generic drums for Canon, Olivetti, Kyocera-Mita, Utax and Sharp photocopiers.

Original, generic or re-manufactured drums?

With an original drum or drum unit you are guaranteed to get the best performance from your copier, but there are some tried and tested generic and re-manufactured alternatives. Over the years we have found that some particular generic and re-manufactured products have proved to be cost effective. These drums will provide excellent quality output with a life expectancy that make them better value than their original counterparts. Generic drums are not available for all current models at any given time, but generic drums are continually being developed to keep up with new the copier models. So if your drum is not available this time in generic form, it may be available next time you order.

Maintenance kits

While some drum units are generic, maintenance kits are not. This is because these kits usually carry more than just a drum or drum unit and therefore require more components. This fact makes re-manufacturing or producing generic parts much more difficult at present, so all maintenance kits are original components.

P.O.A: Price On Application    

Part No Model Price  
IR1210D DRUM IR1510,1530,1570F    
IR 2016D Drum IR 2016 /2020 P.O.A  
IR1600D DRUM IR1600 /2000    
ACP-IR1600 DRUM GENERIC DRUM IR1600/ 2000    
1315A001AA NP1010, 1020, 6010 DRUM UNIT P.O.A  
15000946 GENERIC NP1010, 1020, 6010 DRUM UNIT P.O.A  
1316A001AA NP1015, 1215, 1318, 1510, 1520, 2010 DRUM UNIT P.O.A  
15014439 GENERIC  NP1015, 1215, 1318, 1510, 1520, 2010 DRUM UNIT P.O.A  
1319A001AA NP3030, 3050, 3325, 3825, 6825, 6826, 6830, 6831 DRUM UNIT P.O.A  
15020090 GENERIC NP3030, 3050, 3325, 3825, 6825, 6826, 6830, 6831 DRUM UNIT P.O.A  
1322A001AA NP 6330 DRUM UNIT P.O.A  
1331A001AA NP1530,1550, 2020, 6020, 6116, 6216, 6220, 6317 DRUM UNIT P.O.A  
15016363 GENERIC NP1530,1550, 2020, 6020, 6116, 6216, 6220, 6317 DRUM UNIT P.O.A  
1334A002AA NP6025,6030 DRUM UNIT P.O.A  
15019721 GENERIC NP6025, NP6030 DRUM UNIT P.O.A  
15020094 GENERIC NP6028/ 6035 DRUM UNIT P.O.A  
1336A002AA NP6016, 6218, 6521, 6621DRUM UNIT P.O.A  
15020096 GENERIC NP6016, 6218, 6521, 6621 DRUM UNIT P.O.A  
1341A002AA GP215 DRUM UNIT P.O.A  
ACP 2-3-4 DU GENERIC GP 210, GP 215, GP 220, GP 225, GP335, GP405 DRUM UNIT P.O.A  
1342A002AA IR400. GP285,335,405 DRUM UNIT P.O.A  
1356A001AA CLC1100 P.O.A  
6648A003AA IR2200 DRUM UNIT P.O.A  
ACP-IR2200DU GENERIC IR2200/ 2800/ 3300DRUM UNIT P.O.A  
Part No Model Price  
2782088 C8012 C8512 DRUM P.O.A  
2782215 C8015 /16 C8515/6 C8020 C8520/1 C9017/20 DRUM P.O.A  
2782509 C8040 /8540 DRUM P.O.A  
2782585 C8530 C8025 DRUM P.O.A  
2798905 C8021 9021 DRUM P.O.A  
27B0050 C8028/8035 DRUM P.O.A  
27B0266 C9910 /9912 /9915 D120 /D150 DRUM P.O.A  
27B0344 D23 /D31 or KM /VI 230 /310 or CD23 /31 DRUM P.O.A  
27B0358 D42 /52 or KM 4230 /5230 or CD1042/ 52 DRUM P.O.A  
27B0361 D15/ D20 or KM1530 / 2030 or CD1015/ 20 DRUM P.O.A  
27B0406 D45/ 55 or KM 4530 / 5530 or CD1045 /55 DRUM P.O.A  
Part No Model Price  
27B0531 D 20W drum (50k)    
27B0447 D16, D1600 inc MF, D2000, D200, inc MF MAINTENANCE KIT MK410 (150K)    
27B0489 D250MF or KM 2550 or CD1125 MAINTENANCE KIT MK420 (300K)    

D25/35/40 or KM 25/35/4030 or CD 1025/35 MAINTENANCE KIT

27B0419 D63 or KM 6330 or CD1063 DRUM/MAINT KIT (3.6 MILLION) P.O.A  
27B0422 D63 or KM 6330 or CD1063 MAINTENANCE KIT P.O.A  
27B0453 D300 or KM 3035 or CD1030 MAINTENANCE KIT MK706 P.O.A  
27B0454 D400/500 or KM 40/5035 or CD1040/50 MAINTENANCE KIT MK707 P.O.A  
908786D D45/D55 or KM45/5530 or CD1045 MAINTENANCE KIT
Part No Model Price  
AL100DR DRUM AL1217, AL1255, AL1456, AL1457, AL1552, AL1553, AL1555, AL1566    
AL160DR DRUM AL1611, AL1622, AL1633, AL1644    
AM90DR DRUM AM 300, AM 400    
Part No Model Price  
H3974-600002 HP Lasejet 2100 series maintenance kit    
H3978-60002 HP Lasejet 2200 series maintenance kit    
U6180-60002 HP Lasejet 2300 series maintenance kit    
 MKIT2400  HP Laserjet 2410/ 2420/ 2430 series maintenance kit    
C4118-67910 HP Lasejet 4000/ 4050 series maintenance kit    
C8058A HP Lasejet 4100 series maintenance kit    
Q2430A HP Lasejet 4200 series maintenance kit    
Q2437A HP Lasejet 4300 series maintenance kit    
Q5422-67903 HP Lasejet 4250/ 4350 series maintenance kit    


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